Develop the critical tools to lead your organization.

We streamline your management functions so you can easily attract resources, volunteers and funding.

This means you can spend time on your programs, not on administrative issues.

Free up time to focus on your mission

KCG will analyze over 40 critical points that cause organizational problems, including your standards for governance, financial management, personnel oversight, and regulatory compliance. Afterwards, KCG will make recommendations for any changes that may be necessary. You then choose to make those changes yourself or have us do the work for you. By reducing your concerns about potential organizational risks, regulatory compliance or governance, you sleep better at night – and can focus more sharply on your organization’s programs and services.

KCG Organizational Assessment


Review key organizational policies and procedures, including:

  • Board and Governance Protocols
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Tax and Compliance Filings
  • Personnel Handbooks
  • Insurance Policies

Increase fundraising success

We help you raise money at a faster rate than you can yourself. We work with you and your Board to expand your grantwriting and diversify your fundraising strategies. Together we determine which approaches best match your organizational style and budget. We articulate the critical value your organization provides, the programs and services you offer, and identify who will support this work– all leading to a roadmap for how to approach individual donors, corporations or foundations. We then set goals that are achievable and milestones to determine if the fundraising strategy is on track.

Consulting Expertise

  • Grantwriting and Research
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Major Donor “Asks”

Plan for growth and minimize risks

KCG helps you develop a thoughtful and achievable plan for growth that takes your programs, staffing needs, fundraising plans and milestones into account. Increasing your capacity without a plan is like rolling a rock up a steep hill – without the right tools and support you quickly find yourself back where you began. We start you off on the right path and provide the assistance you need to reach your goals. 

Strategic Planning

  • Review current mission, vision and values for relevance
  • Assess organizational capacity
  • Identify and prioritize critical internal issues
  • Determine areas for growth
  • Develop action strategies and benchmarks

Streamline your administrative tasks

Endless administrative tasks divert valuable time from your most important work – focusing on your mission and programs. KCG helps you streamline your management functions and/or determine cost-effective ways to outsource some of your organizational obligations. Together we analyze your administrative tasks to find ways to reduce your workload. In some cases creating “how-to” manuals with policies and procedures will be sufficient. In other cases KCG can manage these tasks. In either case, we can meet with you on a regular basis to help you get your administrative work done.


  • Review administrative tasks
  • Create policy and procedure manuals
  • Archive critical organizational documents
  • Provide executive coaching