Real-life solutions to real problems.

These KCG clients have used a range of consulting services, all designed to help their organizations build capacity. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or a complete overhaul, Kayak has you covered - designing a plan that lets you get precisely what you need.


Budget and financial planning, executive coaching, grantwriting, tax exempt status.



Writing, editing and publication placement, organizational case studies

“Robin Carton’s broad exposure to social change initiatives, her personal sensitivity to the needs and interests of others, and her ability to write simply and clearly made her an excellent partner for our Senior Organizer as he produced a publication on field work in the Northwest.”

- Gary Sandusky



Fundraising training, strategic planning

"Working with Robin always gives us perspective and hope. Most recently, we benefited from three days of workshops together with two other local grassroots groups. We really appreciated having had that common experience and subsequent closer connection."

- Mara Taub


Grantwriting, document drafting and editing.

“Community Works has found Robin to be a highly skilled professional. Not only does she possess a profound understanding of social and economic justice but she also has a track record of finding the funding needed to support the work. A great combination!”

- Fran Froehlich


Budget and financial planning, document creation and review, governance, grantwriting.

“As formerly incarcerated women, we organize daily to reduce the number of incarcerated women. But, organizing ourselves administratively and fundraising effectively was a struggle. With Robin's guidance and advice we are not only a voice in the movement to end mass incarceration, but also working to sustain ourselves doing this most important work.”

- Andrea James


Document creation and review, governance, grantwriting, individual donor campaigns

"Robin has provided inspiration and guidance, helping us look to the future with greater commitment and optimism."

- Richard Mandell


Strategic planning, teambuilding

 “Robin brought the right blend of kindness, humor, and focus to help us have some tough conversations and get on track. Her expertise in organizational development was clear, she asked the right questions and helped everyone in the group feel comfortable making decisions.”

- Maggie Martin


Budget and financial planning, document creation and review, governance, grantwriting.

"It’s been a pleasure and blessing to work with Robin.  She goes above and beyond everything to help RSP to be successful in its endeavors.  I consider Robin to be much more than a consultant to our organization—she is a kind mentor with an abundance source of inspiration and support."

- Lilly Marcelin